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Day Care recommendations-Berkley/Royal Oak

Does anyone have any recommendations for day care in Berkley or Royal Oak? Right now I'm just starting to think about this and have no preference towards center or home care. Thanks

Re: Day Care recommendations-Berkley/Royal Oak

  • I don't have any specific recommendations but I have heard good things about Sunnyskies which is in Clawson & Huntington Woods and also Berkley School District has daycare that I was possibly looking into for a few days a week.  A teacher told me about the Berkley childcare but I don't know anyone that actually goes there.

     Here's the link to the Berkley info-

  • I had heard good things about the Berkely school district's daycare, but when I visited I wasn't impressed.  My husband actually said "No Way."  Just make sure you visit lots of places.  It is very eye opening. My LO isn't here yet and we haven't made a difinite decision yet, but are leaning towards St. Dennis in Royal Oak and Our Shephard in Birmingham.  We are currently on waiting lists for both. 

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