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to induce or not to induce

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Please tell me about your would like to induce me but says it's up to me.  2nd child, 3rd degree tears and 2.5 hours of pushing w/ shoulder issues 1st time around.  They don't want the baby to get too big.  However, they said that for now, they'd leave the decision up to me to decide if that's how I wanted to go.  I'm nervous about it all but for some reason the induction makes me more nervous.  They said that they'd start with a cervical foley catheter and that doesn't sound too fun (painful to insert).  Hmm, what to do?

Re: to induce or not to induce

  • I am all about letting nature take its course unless there is a pressing medical reason not to, so I would wait it out.

    A foley induction seems to be the trend right now and I think it is better than the drug based inductions - my OB said they are using foleys more often with great results. 


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  • i would follow you instincts.  i tend to lead more toward the natural course. 

    i wanted a natural birth but had to be induced since my son was 3 weeks overdue.  at one point i was given the foley ball as "the most natural option".  i know they mean since there wasn't any drugs involved, but for me, having a ball blowing up inside of me with a cord hanging out and taped to my leg was extremely unnatural. and one of the most uncomfortable parts of my labor.

    good luck!

  • I was so wanting to let nature take its course, but dd was almost 2 weeks overdue and a ultrasound showed low amniotic fluid. My induction was not pleasant: started with cervadil for 12 hours, then pitocin, my water was broken, started getting intense contractions (no epidural) and the baby's heartrate kept going down. Finally after 36 hours of failed induction - I had only dilated to 1-2cm - I had a c-section. At that point, I was happy to have her delivered and have us both be safe..and me not in labor pain anymore :)

    My body just wasn't ready to deliver.  

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