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labor buddy

I am in my 3rd trimester, and should probably know this, but what is a labor buddy? I think I want one.

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  • I *think* people just pick labor buddies as someone close in the pregnancy to them, and they update everyone else on the board when the other goes into labor. Or something like that haha.
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  • When I was PG there was someone on our board that was in charge of assigning them based on when you were due. She would make sure that there wre a few weeks on between the two so that there would be less likely of a chance both woul dbe delivering at the same time. I got one and she was never on and I never talked to her so another girl was looking for one and we hooked up. I still talk to mine weekly. She's in the Dallas area and I wish we lived closer. She's practially become my best friend.
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