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So I went last Friday to the doctors to hear the heart beat. When i got on the scale to get weighed I had gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Up until that point I hadn't gained any weight. So when the doctor saw that I asked if that was a lot he stated " Well you gained it a little faster than I would like for you to" So i started to feel bad mind you I'm 25 and about 5'1 i have been 115 pounds since 9th grade. No I'm worried that I'm gaining to much weight. So my question to you ladies is how fast did you gain weight and how much. I have tried looking for something talking about weight gain and whats a good amount to gain but I cant seem to find anything!

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  • I didn't start really gaining until like 20-22 weeks-ish (maybe a pound or so a month before that). That said after the halfway mark I started gaining mroe rapidly. The "typical" weight gain depends on the person. I know somewhere there's some chart that says something like....if you're underweight you should gain about 20-30 pounds, if you're normal weight 15-25 pounds, and if you're overweight you should gain something like 15-20 pounds....those numbers aren't right but it was something like that.


    That being said...I've known women who were underweight that end up gaining like 60 pounds! If you're concerned about it bring it up with your OB at the next appointment and/or consult a pre-natal nutritionist.

  • Thanks I'm in search for that chart.
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  • It kinda went in spurts for me.  I didn't have much morning sickness, so I gained through 1st tri (some people actually lose weight).  All said and done, I gained just over 40 lbs (I am 5'3")!  Sarah was pretty big though (8lbs 3 oz) and I had quite a bit of swelling at the end.  I lost it all in about 10 weeks (thank you breastfeeding).  As long as you aren't eating Burger King all the time, I wouldn't worry too much about it. =)

    And if you ARE eating Burger King all the time, well... you will just have to lose more after the baby!  You are fairly small, so I wouldn't worry about it either way.

  • I am what most call a "plus sized" woman, hehe.  I didn't gain until about 20-24 weeks and at one appt I had gained 7lbs.  Doc said it was normal since I had just gotten my appetite back.  HTH!
  • Everyone is different.... I have the same build as you and I didn't start gaining weight until ~15 weeks or so. (I think... it's hard to remember!) Just remember, you're pregnant! It's *okay* to gain weight! 
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