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Tucson Midwife or Natural OBGYN?

Hello Ladies,

I am new to the board. I am here in Tucson and expecting my first in April! I really want to have as natural an experience as possible but I am having a hard time finding a midwife that delivers at hospitals.  I wouldn't mind doing a home birth but my boyfriend is not comfortable and would like to do a hospital birth. Does anyone know of a midwife in town that does hospital births or an OBGYN that won't feel the need to poke and prod me while in labor? Thanks ahead of time!

Re: Tucson Midwife or Natural OBGYN?

  • I don't know much about it since I had a c/s but I heard there is a birthing center next door to TMC.  I think it is all midwives and you have a birthing room with a tub etc.  They let you take care of the baby and bathe it afterward and whatever family you want can be there.  If something goes wrong TMC is right there and they take you there.  Maybe you can look into that or maybe they deliver at TMC.
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  • There is a birth center next to TMC, it is called Birth and Women's Health Center. My sister had both her children there, and if I was not high risk with my diabetes and hypertension, I would be having our baby there as well! They are very experienced, calm and caring people, and will always advocate for you, even if you end up having to be admitted to TMC-- my sister did for her first child. If you do not end up needing the hospital, you can have the baby in a private room at the birth center, either in bed or in the water tub, whichever you prefer.


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  • Thank you both for the information. I do know about the birth center but from what I have read lately it seems that the ownership has changed and therefore the quality of service has also changed. I am nervous from what I read to go with them but it is an option.
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