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A little motivation!!

So I'm pregnant with our first baby and so far so good except one thing! Nausea I get it morning noon and night. I haven't thrown up just dry heaving(sick I know, so sorry). Can someone please tell me this is going to end sometime soon i'm fixing to be 11 weeks. When did it end for you! My DH doesn't seem to understand that it's not to fun running to the bathroom only to leave there still not feeling good!Crying

Re: A little motivation!!

  • I was sick until 13 weeks.  Ice water with lemon helped settled my stomach.
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  • pkate98 thanks I will try that at this point i will try anything
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  • tea (I used decaf) with fresh ginger helped me when I was feeling sick. It went away by the time I was around 14 weeks pregnant
  • The main thing that helped me was to keep something in my stomach - if I got hungry, the nausea was horrible.  So, I just had little healthy snacks during the day - popcorn, peanut butter crackers, plain crackers, etc.  It was over for me by around 13 weeks, so hopefully you don't have much longer!

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  • Thanks ladies. I have started to keep little snacks with me at ALL times and the water with lemon is seeming to help a little im on to the ginger ale this weekend.
  • I had ms until 16 weeks...but I definitely hope you get better faster. The small meals often is good advice, and trying to slip in more protein with fewer carbs will help avoid the wrath of a perinatologist or nutritionist. You know...meat, peanut butter, cheese, eggs...all the stuff that sounds awful to you right now. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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