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Nanny in the City

Does anyone have experience with a nanny in the city?  In weighing the option between finding a daycare or a nanny, I have been unsuccessful in finding information about what a nanny actually costs in the city.  It would be very helpful if someone could give me some guidance.  Thanks.

Re: Nanny in the City

  • We had a nanny from when DS was 3 months- 10 months.  We did a share with another family for 3 days of the week.  We did everything above-table which adds another 18% or so to their hourly rate. 

    Typical hourly rate is $12-15 or so for one baby and $15 and up for more than one.  You can find cheaper but it is typically the people that want to only be paid cash (we didn't want to take that risk and thought it was unethical anyway).

  • Thanks!  This is very helpful.  If it is too personal of a question, feel free not to answer, but if you are comfortable, can you tell me why you switched from a nanny to daycare? 
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  • Our nanny wanted to decrease her hours and we needed full-time care.  We started looking for another nanny but then found a daycare that we really liked that was just opening.  We have been VERY happy with the daycare- it really seems perfect for our son now that he is walking and very social- he has lots of playmates.  But if and when we have another kid, I wouldn't hesitate to have a nanny for the first year or so.
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