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Relocating to Boston and Schools?

My husband is going to be doing his surgical fellowship at Mass General so we will be relocating to Boston in July. I will have a 4 year old son and a 6 month old daughter at the time of the move. I have been looking into Boston Public School Pre-kindergarten (K1) programs for my son and would love any advice on good/reputable schools. We are interested in living in the South End neighborhood but are open to recommendations based on the schools. I appreciate any guidance you could give me as I am not familiar with the city.

Many thanks!

Re: Relocating to Boston and Schools?

  • I do not have any specific school recommendations, but, the BPS school choice process is quite complicated, and I highly recommend that you check out the Countdown to Kindergarten website for more information. I used to work for them, and my former colleagues are a wealth of information. They also run a free parent-child playgroup program for children 1-3 and their caregivers that might be of interest when your daughter is a bit older (I used to manage this program : )

  • I also don't have any specific advice--I work for a private school in Dorchester.  My understanding is that public schools in Boston are not strong, but I am sure there are some good ones.  Just wanted to say welcome to the neighborhood and good luck!
  • You are likely not in the area to be able to go to this, but there is a Meet the Schools Fair happening in Charlestown on Sept 30th. For more info on what Boston school are participating you can check this website:

    The South End would be a nice neighborhood to live with kids (I used to live there several years ago), but now we live in Charlestown and it is also very kid friendly -- lots of young families in the area. If your husband will be doing his fellowship at MGH closer to downtown, then there is a shuttle from the Navy Yard MGH campus to the main campus, so that could be convenient for you.

     A lot of my co-workers who have kids live in the suburbs as the schools are supposed to be better, but I'm guessing that isn't an option for you since your husband will have to be close to the hospital if he is doing home call.

     Good luck and welcome to the area!

  • Brookline is practically part of Boston and offers a very family friendly atmosphere while still having that in the city feel.  My husband and I love it here.  We can walk into downtown or take the T (subway) but still be away enough to enjoy the quaint neighborhoods and shops here.  I love being able to stroll the neighborhoods, walk to the grocery store, and just have everything in walking distance without the hustle and bustle of downtown.  It is the best of both worlds.  The Brookline Public Schools are top notch and their early childhood program (Pre-K and K) is one of the best models in the country.  Good luck!
  • Hi there- Just wanted to say that I live in the South End and we're planning on being here a while...  Send me a PM if you need more info about the neighborhood!
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