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RP: I had my little one! (quick birth story)

Just wanted to share with you fellow New Englanders that I had my little boy on Sept 2.... his actual due date!

I started having mild contractions on Monday night- but nothing big I wasn't sure if it was just braxton hicks. By Tuesday late afternoon the real contractions started- but they were still bearable- but I was timing them and they seemed to be getting closer together. However since I wasn't too uncomfortable I just went about my business. They were getting stronger overnight though and I decided I didn't want to wait until noon on the 2nd for my last ob appt- so I woke up my husband. We got to the hospital around 2 am and I was 90% effaced, 0 station, and 4 cm- so I thought I would be done in no time... but after getting sick decided to get the epidural anyways so I could rest. IT HURT!!! I guess my muscles were really tight and that made it hard for the doc to get it in.... it took like 3 tries, but he finally got it in. They checked me After the epi and said I was 7 cm... again I was thinking I'd be done in no time. Long story short- 12 hours later and several doses of Pitocin I pushed for a little under an hour and got to me my little man.

He was 8lbs 3 oz- and 22.5 inches- a big boy! At his 1 week pedi appt he was already almost 9 lbs. But I think this is because I have an oversupply of milk- and that's been our only issue- elsewise he's a great baby.

Re: RP: I had my little one! (quick birth story)

  • Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask his name?
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  • Congrats! Wishing you all the best!
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  • We named him Tayo (ty-o).
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