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Enema after C/S...anyone recommend?

I had my c/s on Monday and have been trying to have a BM since.  I thought about Milk of Magnesia, but I'm not completely confident about it.  So I wanted to see if anyone had any advice about doing an enema.  I have never used an enema before.  Do they work well?  Will it make my hemmes worse?

Re: Enema after C/S...anyone recommend?

  • I had a c-section on Tuesday. They gave me stool softeners in the hospital and Milk of Magnesia but I still didn't go. Luckily they let me leave me anyway, I've heard that some hospitals won't. I haven't used anything and I had a BM yesterday.
  • They gave me a suppository in the hospital.  It wasn't pleasant... but better than an enema.  I'd try that first.
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  • I had to use suppositories. Only had to use them twice and I continued to take Colace for 4 weeks post section.

    I would think an enema would be more irritating with hemorrhoids.

    Good Luck- I know it sucks. 

  • Oh boy do I have experience with this!

    I didn't have a BM for 7 days after my c-section. They gave me colace stool softener in the hospital, which I continued taking when I got home. I also drank prune juice and milk of magnesia. I think what finally helped me go a week later was fiber one bars.

    I was regular for a few days, so I stopped taking the laxatives and stool softeners b/c I thought they were giving DD gas. The constipation came back - with a vengeance! I got a hemrrohoid, and it hurt SO bad. It lasted a few days and got worse no matter what I took, so I ended up doing an enema. It worked, although it still hurt a lot, but it was worth it to get it taken care of.

    It's about a week later now, and I'm doing fine, still taking colace but nothing else. 

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  • I would try a dulcolax suppository or something before doing and enema.  Just keep taking your stool softener, drink lots of water, eat some fiber, and get you a suppository.  If that doesn't work, then maybe try an enema.  I gotta say tho...an enema is definitely better than constipation so do what you gotta do!
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  • i had the same issue, try suppository, milk of magnesia and stool softener, u will go in like 45 min.
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