private did

you get in contact with the birthparents?

did they find you? you find them? word of mouth? an attorney?


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Re: private did

  • We knew the family. They asked us after DD was 2 months old and they decided that they could not keep her. Now waiting for DD to come home two weeks from today.
  • 1.  Attorney (facilitators aren't allowed in my state, so all private adoptions are attorney only)

    2.  Word of mouth

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  • Our story is a bit complex...

    I had mentioned to a close friend that we were about to undergo IVF (in 3 months) but that a part of my heart wanted to also pursue adoption but was discouraged when researching Adoption in our country.

    Fast forward: she was at work the very next day when a lady she works with came in crying that she was at her church and a gentleman asked for prayer for a 20 yr old girl pregnant with her 4th child who couldn't afford to keep the child and didn't know what to do.

    I gave permission for her to pass on our info and here we are.

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