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dropping swaddle cold turkey

how long did it take lo to adjust?  how old were they?  my daughhter kicks her way out of the swaddle but cant seem to soothe herself w/o it.  not sure if i should drop the swaddle or keep trying to use it

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Re: dropping swaddle cold turkey

  • We dropped it just after 2 months when he was on his 2nd week in the crib and he immediately adjusted.  No problems at all.  It helped too, when he started sucking his thumb because he was able to soothe himself. 
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  • we're slowly weaning.  We still fully swaddle at night because it keeps him asleep longer (sleeping at least 5hours for the first stretch every night now!), but for naps, I leave one arm out and put him in the bouncey because he can't handle it in the crib just yet. 
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  • Hmm, maybe wean her out of it -- swaddle the arms but not the legs, then swaddle with one arm and legs out and then drop it altogether.  Or you can go cold turkey and just use sleep sacks and she will adjust after a bit.  With DD we were able to drop it cold turkey without an issue but I don't think I'm going to be that lucky again.  I'm getting ready to wean DS out of his swaddle and NOT looking forward to it. 

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  • Our LO didn't like the traditional swaddling.  Instead we kept her arms out.  She liked to move them around.
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  • Ds randomly decided no more swaddle at night. We were doing the full swaddle and all of a sudden, he started struggling to get out of it...like to the point he was getting upset...so we did one arm out for a couple nights and now all of a sudden he doesn't want to swaddle at night at all. Maby try the one arm out, in a swaddle wrap or sleep sack.
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  • We just stopped this past weekend.  I just wrap a big receiving blanket tightly around his body/legs, but leave his arms out.  He didn't seem to mind...slept like normal 8 hours every night.  Actually, one night he slept more like 10 hours....so maybe he likes it better?!   Just go for it!

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  • i actually have been not reswaddling after his night feeding and putting him back in in a sleep sack-  so far so good, but i am 'scared' to try it for the long stretch, and i also worry i won't get the good 1.5-2 hr nap in without it.  The nap will be the next step, then I am going to just try it at night.  He actually has self soothed back to sleep without the swaddle  ( i will hear him jabbering and then stop).  I think in the swaddle he automatically cried when he woke up, without, he can stretch and suck his fingers and seems happier upon waking
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