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Black spot on nipple??

I've been having pretty bad nipple pain -- my nipples are still looking a bit blistered and ugly.  I've been planning to talk to my doctor about it at my 6 week PP appointment.

On the side of my left nipple, I have an indentation -- sort of like the nipple has been bent to the side for so long that it's just permanently indented on the side.  Almost like a crack, but not dry (since i'm obsessive with putting ointment on).  Just yesterday, I noticed that in that crack is a black spot -- I can't get it out when I scratch at it. 

What do you think?  Something I need to worry about and call the doctor?

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Re: Black spot on nipple??

  • Could it be a scab? I had some on my nipples in the beginning too.

    You might want to try talking with a LC for some pointers and to make sure your babies latch is good since you are still having pretty bad pain at 5 weeks.  Your OB probably won't be able to help you as much as an LC could.

  • I had a black spot that I assume was a broken blood vessel?
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  • I agree with pp, maybe broken blood vessel?  I have a couple spots like that on my niples, almost bruise-like.  My LO has some latch issues needless to say! :)  If you are worried though, call your doc.
  • Could it be blood? If it is dried it could be pretty dark.
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