First appt with social worker

We have our first appt scheduled with our social worker for Monday 9/14.  It will take about 1 1/2 hours and I know we will be getting lots of paperwork, but can anyone tell me what else to expect?


Re: First appt with social worker

  • If it's your first homestudy meeting, the SW will likely start to go over a list of questions to ask each of you about your marriage, your backgrounds, how you got to this point in building your family, etc.

    We were nervous at our first, but it went great! Let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks!  I definitely will report back.  It feels like we are finally really getting started.  We each had to answer about 33 autobiographical questions, so I bet that is what she will start asking us about.
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  • Our first meeting with our social worker is tomorrow (gulp!) so ask me again then! :-)  I'll report back...
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  • Good luck to you both tomorrow, tinyhands & lovemymonkey!
  • Good Luck to you both!!! I'm sure it will go great for you both. Please post an update! I'm anxious to see what all happens at the 1st appt.
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  • Good luck - you'll do great!
  • Our was lots of questions and list of things they needed. I did some research before our meeting and had most everything they needed already copied for them to take back with them. You both will do fine.
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