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Halloween, anyone?

Accidently posted this on the nest when I meant to post it over here...oh well. I just wanted to see what everyone was thinking of dressing their LO's up as.....If I know the SA mama's many of you have probably already bought/made the costume!

Re: Halloween, anyone?

  • I answered this on your other post, but for the sake of everyone seeing my response. I bought Carter's lion costume from Gymboree today at lunch. I'm so excited!
  • Aww, I bet that will be adorable!
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  • I also answered your other post.. but.... 

    Elise was (and maybe still is) going to be a cowgirl and Jaws was going to be her horse, complete with a saddle!! ;) Totally for the photos!!!But now I'm thinking her 1st bday will be a pumpkin theme and I might dress her up as a pumpkin for her invitation.

    So maybe she'll have 2 costumes! 

    SO- has anyone seen a pumpkin costume? NOT carved.. just a plain pumpkin. If so, lmk :) 

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  • I have no idea! 
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  • Still thinking about it... I can't make up my mind!
  • I am pretty sure Luci will be a bee.  She is in LOVE with anything that buzzs around like a bee.
  • Audrey is going to be a ballerina.. I bought a TuTu on Etsy for her 6 month photos, so she'll use it for Halloween too. 


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