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Abraham has been putting his hands (and whatever else he can) in his mouth for a while now and I thought nothing of it since I know that's supposed to be normal right now. However, today he cried NON-STOP for the looooooooooongest time. He usually cries when he's tired but this was a totally different cry, he totally lost it. Is this normal for kids who are teething? I want to blame these crazy episodes on teething because this isn't normal for him!

Also, I saw baby orajel the other day at the store. Does that help them?


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Re: Teething?

  • Yep, it could be teething.  It can start at 2.5-3 months even though they might not get teeth for months.

    Orajel, Tylenol, and teething tablets are things you can try.   

    A wet wash cloth or a cold teether are good too.

     Andrew does better with the teething tablets than the Orajel.  I don't think he likes the numb mouth.

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  • It definitely sounds like teething. Riley started around 3.5 months and cut her first two teeth at 5 months. I would use the orajel and teething rings. Those seemed to help her the most. A few times I let her chew on a frozen washcloth and she enjoyed that too.
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  • Could be! Although Zoe started doing that very early and never cut any teeth til 9 months! Typically the front bottom 2 come in first, so you can try orajel there, and cold rags and teethers. I don't like to medicate with tylenol or motrin until i know for sure it's a tooth causing her pain by seeing the swollen gums.
  • Ditto the others it definitely could be teething. Most babies start feeling the sensation of teeth coming in as early as 2 months but the teeth don't actually cut through until later. That could be what's going on with him. Have you felt around to see if you feel anything yet? Mikey cut  his first one at 4 months and I remember the day that he did it he was crying and cranky all day and low and behold when I checked for teeth I felt something sharp
  • Ditto everyone else. Nadia started this at about 2-3 months but didn't get her first tooth until 7 months! At this point she only has 2 teeth and all the time I think another one is about to come out because she's fussy and sticking her hands in her mouth- but nothing yet.
  • Ah! Well, at least he'll have teeth by the end of it but I'm dying! It kills me to see him in such pain:(. Anyhow, I checked his mouth and I don't see anything but when I felt around there are two spots where I feel something sharp. I don't see anything there but it has to be that! The thought of him having teeth is so weird to me now! I keep trying to picture him and I really can't lol.

    Thanks so much again:)

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