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Did anyone just watch the season finale? Holy sh*t!!
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Re: Weeds

  • Thanks! I have to watch it!
  • Wishes I had Showtime, I used to when I was single living a state away from my family, fell in love with that show!
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  • Aww! I don't have showtime but DH and I are in love with that show! Just bought the first 4 seasons and we finished them within like 3 days! Can't wait to watch the new season!
  • Love that show, but I'm not watching it live on Showtime since we just got movie channels.  I'm in the middle of season 3.
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  • not yet but will once dh is finished cooking his dinner. i can't wait now that you said holy shlt lol. must be a good one!
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  • OMG I just saw it I FVcking loved it!!! Wow!
  • Will there be another season? I had heard a rumor that this was it...
  • imagefirsttogo:
    Will there be another season? I had heard a rumor that this was it...

    I hope it's not the last! It was just the season finale! 

  • I just did some research! Season 6 will be here in 2010! Sorry to scare anyone!
  • Holy sh*t is right!!! After it said it's returning in 2010 so it better be!!

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  • All I can say is that I knew Shane was going down a dark road - no idea how crazy it was going to get!
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