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And yet another DOPPLER question.

Ok maybe 2 questions.

1. How often do you use your's?
2. Are there any risks?

I found our little one's HB today and have checked a couple times. But I'm thinking I should put it away and use it sparingly - it's just addicting. I did notice it seems like the baby moves away.

Re: And yet another DOPPLER question.

  • No risks. With dd I used it everyday sometimes a few times a day. I just got mine today in the mail and tried to find the hb but couldn't yet. I had an US today with a hb of 175 or I would be freaking out!
  • Heidi I heard about your spotting, so sorry you're going through that. Luckily everything looks great! Have fun at Disney next week. It's hot as balls here in Tampa.
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  • Doppler is ultrasound waves. While there are no known risks, ultrasound cannot be considered entirely risk free. Using it a few minutes every day should not be a problem, but you can make a personal decision about what you could consider risk. Using it 10 times a day for 30 minutes each might hold more risk. I used mine once daily for a few minutes each time until almost 18 weeks. After that I used it a few times, but no longer daily.
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