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Wow has it been almost 3 weeks already

I can't believe that Vivianna is almost 3 weeks old. I kept meaning to get here and I haven't had a moment. We have had a lot of eating issues but she is back to her birth weight. My milk never came in, I took meds, pumped and had some beers and nothing, it took me a little while to not feel horrible about that. I really felt like a failure but I have accepted it now.

Ok so speaking of feeling like a failure, I also can not figure out how to post a pic so if someone can give me a quick instruction, I would love for you all to see Vivianna.

My mom will be here at the end of the week. DH's parents will not be here until Oct when we have her baptism scheduled. I have got to figure out how to take an extra unpaid week at the end of my short term disability, because I will be due back to work the week that everyone will be arriving for her baptism, not good.




Re: Wow has it been almost 3 weeks already

  • I am sorry to hear about Vivianna's weight. Are you on Formula now?

    Dont be too hard on yourself about themilk thing.  Here I am telling you that, while I feel like a fialure for not being able birth vaginally.  But  I just forget about it and shake it off.  We arent failures.

     So, re the postin of pics...go to  Upload your photo and then paste the link for meesage boards/forums in your siggy.

  • Michelle,

    Do NOT feel like a failure. You tried and gave it your best shot.  I'm saying this from another perspective?I only tried for a few days before deciding breastfeeding made me miserable and I felt like a failure for giving up on it. Our babies (only a few days apart in age) will be healthy and happy. Breastfeeding may be better for babies, but formula is pretty darn good too.

    Looking forward to seeing a photo of Miss Vivianna soon. You'll figure out how to PIP with everyone's help.

    Off to the pediatrician now for Aaron's issue (will update in another topic).



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