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I haaaaaaate AF

Ever since my D&C my periods have been so terrible and painful. I am not used to really bad cramps like this. I used to feel crappy but now I get pains that stop me in my tracks and make me take a breath.

Anyone else feel this way post D&C? This is my second since the D&C and both of have been pretty awful. :(

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Re: I haaaaaaate AF

  • I'm sorry :( That really sucks. Not D&C related, but before I got on birth control pills several years ago, my period cramps were so bad that I was pretty much bed-ridden for the entire first day of AF. My doctor prescribed Naproxin for me (prescription-strength version of Aleve) and that was enough to give me the ability to function. Maybe you can ask if taking something like that would work for you and help you get through the painful periods. ((hugs))
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  • no advice just sending you hugs and a valuim if you need

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  • I hope you feel better ((hugs))
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  • Thanks girls. The best part about it is that its pretty short. Yesterday and today will probably be the worse days and then it will be done by Wednesday. THANK GOD.
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  • Not D&C related b/c my AF actually went back to normal post D&C, but of course my reason for having it was excessive bleeding.

    However, I just finished AF this month and it was awful.  I just had the polyp removed and I think that was why it was so bad.  I got a terrible headache the day before that would not go away and very painful cramps.  I had to wear 2 of the heavy flow pads at night.  I have never had so much bleeding before,  I'm hoping it was a one time thing. 

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  • I'm so sorry.  Mine haven't changed since D&C, but they continue to be HORRIBLE!  Since I was 10, I've suffered from really bad cramps, and nausea.  Sometimes the only time to make them better is to throw up (sorry TMI).

    Like Jen, the only time they went away was when I was on the pill.  Hope you feel better!

    -- Jackie
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