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Does anyone not work 8-5?

I work one day a week 11-8 ( mondays) and the rest 9-6 and Fridays 8-5.  I usually hate Mondays because I hate waiting around to go to work at 11.  Btu this morning I finally got caught up on housework, laundry, dinners and got to hang out with my little girl.  It for once felt nice!  Anyone else not work a typical 8-5 schedule like me? how do you like it?

Re: Does anyone not work 8-5?

  • I work 2 7p to 7:30a shifts a week... and it sucks.  I'm so tired all the time now (been doing this a year).  prior, I was working a few 5-8 evening shifts a week and every other 8a-12a weekends in a clinic.  I didn't mind the occasional evening shifts. I"m looking at switching to an 11a to 11p shift ...  I need to sleep again.  while, I'm not thrilled about evenings... it would still allow me to see the kids every day (as opposed to 7a to 7p where after commute time I would not see them awake at all) but I could also sleep from 12 or 1am until 7 or 8 in the am.. which is more sleep than I get when I work nights and may be somewhat more routine.

    I used to work varying shifts.. would rotate shifts.  a plus is that you have time for appointments that you may not have if you worked straight 8-5 shifts.  not a need to take off for routine appts.  

  • I work 2-3 days a week and they are 7a-7p shifts. I personally like it since I have at least four days a week off. We have self scheduling in my unit so I like it even better since I have many days off if I need to. I am in grad school right now and I would go nuts if I did not have some days during the week off since daycare is open then too.

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  • i work 7:30 to 4:30 but since i am in the military sometimes i have to work 6 to 6 or 7 to 7
  • I work three 12 hour shifts, 7am to 7pm. I like it because I can take care of my daughter on my days off. I don't like it because I end up paying all the bills, doing all the house work, running all the errands etc.
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  • I work 9:00-4:45 Monday through Thursday.  I used to be full time but when I came back from maternity leave I asked my boss if I could go down to 4 days/week and he said as long as it worked out he was fine with it.

    I do check email at night sometimes just in case something happened after I left but it's not too often that I have to work outside of those hours.

  • I work overnights.  4 days a week with 3 days off.  9pm until 7am.  It's tough because my husband works off hours.  I used to love 4-midnight or 3-11 since I could get so much done in the mornings.  But that was pre-kid.
  • i work a flex schedule.

    i can arrive anytime between 7-9 but the later i come, the later i have to leave. i can leave as early as 330 (which is always nice :))/

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