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can I use this name? opinions, please!

I know that we could be expecting a girl, in which case this isn't a problem, but I'm obsessing over it, so opinions would be much appreciated!

If this is another boy, I love the name William.

Except that it's also the name of good friends' 8 yo son. Now, the friends are close to us (she was one of my bridesmaids, together they are DS#1's godparents and we are godparents to their youngest DD), but they live in Canada, several thousand miles away, and we see everyone (kids as well as parents) once every two years. We see the parents about once a year.

Can we use the name William? It's not like the kids will see each other often, and, while we are close in one sense, there is not a day-to-day relationship. The name is also one of the most popular boy names in the English-speaking world, so it's not like we're stealing their special family name.

What do you think? Is Wiliam an option for us? If you were our friends, how would you feel about us using the name? How would you feel if friends of yours gave their LO the same name as your LO?

Thanks for any thoughts or insights. I need help either committing or taking this one off the list Smile

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Re: can I use this name? opinions, please!

  • I think you can.  I love the name William and it was almost my son's name!  Go for it.
  • I think its fine. Especially since their son is 8yo. If they were closer in age it might be an issue but I say do it !
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  • I say yes... But then, My dad is William (Bill), my brother is William Walter (Walter), my son is Nathan William (Nathan, Nate) and my nephew (Walter's son) is William (Will).... So maybe I am biased... :o)
  • Why not?  I would.
  • I think you can use it.  It was on our list too.  Personally, I'd probably ask my friend if she would be bothered by it just so I would know what I was getting into but in her shoes, I wouldn't care.  FWIW, I was in the same position with the name Max -- a bridesmaid, good friend who lived away and whose son was named Max.  When I asked her if it would be weird for her, she said absolutely not and the world needed more Maxes.  Didn't end up using the name after all but good to know we could have without issue.

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  • If you love it, then do it - my grandfather's name was Jerome, and my brother and a cousin are both named Jerome after him.  Has never been an issue.
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  • Of course use it and if you feel a little weird about it, the next time you talk to your friend you can just give a little heads up... "DH and I considered all sorts of names, and wouldn't you know the one we both love and really agree on is William - isn't that great!?"  What's she going to say, "Hey!  You can't do that!"
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  • Sure, go for it!

    My cousin just named her baby my sister's name (and we are a very close family and see each other often)  I think it is a compliment to use the name.

    p.s. I love William too - it is my son Connor's middle name and it is a family name for us.

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  • Yep! I would use it for sure.

    If I ever have another boy (god forbid! LOL) that would be on my list too as it would shorten nicely to Will. I love it!

  • I totally think it's fine.  The only way it would be an issue is if it were a really unique name but like you said, there are plenty of Williams out there.  Personally I would be flattered if a friend used my son's name... means they like the name!
  • I personally would be flattered if I was them, that you like their son's name enough to use it yourself. they are far apart in age & since you don't live near each other, why not?

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    I think its fine. Especially since their son is 8yo. If they were closer in age it might be an issue but I say do it !
    I agree with this.  I also think that I would be honored if our friends choose DS's name for their baby.
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