Parenting after 35

HI!! This is a new board right???

Glad to have found it.. I am Jen.. had 10 month old triplets at 35. They keep me pretty busy! As does my husband..dogs... job... the whole she-bang!

This will be a great board!

Re: HI!! This is a new board right???

  • Hi and welcome! Wow, triplets, a job, etc. I'm impressed. do you ever get to sleep? Smile
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  • Welcome! I'm jen too and I have a 6 month old son. I can not even fathom triplet boys!!! I just read your post to DH and we were discussing how  we couldn't handle 2 more of our DS, he's a handful! I commend you my dear!!
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  • WOW! Boy - that sounds chaotic but wonderful!!! Thrice blessed!!! Nice names, BTW, my sons are Nathan and Alexander...  One of my cousins is Benjamin - so I love that name too!

    OH, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your siggy pic!

  • Wow!  three??? How do you manage?? I cant imagine three!
  • Welcome!  Wow!! Triplets!  That's wonderful. I can't imagine how you do it.  I have my hands full with my two.


  • Welcome, and I thought I had it tough with twin boys!  I love your siggy pic.  That is seriously the cutest one I've seen in ages, but you've got great subject matter.
  • I'm feeling like I'm barely managing just ONE two-week old boy and you have three!  Wow!

    Nice to meet you! Your sons are so cute in your sig pic!


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