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I go for my 30 wk growth scan u/s later this week and was just curious if anyone could pls. share what their babies' weights were at that time?

It's been a month now that I last had the girls weighed/measured--one was at 1 lb. 12 oz. and the other at 1 lb. 13 oz. My peri said those weights were good (for 26 wks)...

Any feedback would be great!! Thanks!

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Re: 30 wks

  • hey!  I just went on Thursday at 28 weeks with my twin girls...

    baby a was 2 lb 9 oz

    baby b was 2 lb 3 oz... doc said they are measuring perfectly.

  • oh and i found this site on the web... dont know hoe reliable it is, but just fyi...


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  • I just went last week for a 29 week growth scan and the boys both weighed 3 lbs 12 oz.  This was somewhere in the 80th percentile.  In the past, my 2 babies were big.  I was hoping for 2 small babies this time, we'll see!
  • I went this past week @ 27 weeks and baby a was 2lb 1oz and b was 1lb 14 oz.  They are considered small (36 and 20th percentiles).  I go at 30 weeks for our next scan and our goal is 3 pounds for each - A will probably make it but B I am guessing won't.  It sounds like yours are doing great.  GL this week.
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  • Just looked them up. My babies' estimated weights at 30w5d were 3lb. 9 oz. and 3 lb. 11 oz. (Their birth weights at 37w6d were 6lbs10oz and 6lbs7oz.)
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  • I really don't recall their weights at that point (wish I would of wrote it down), but I'll take a guess that they were close to in between 2-3 lbs since at my 35.5 week appointment they were estimated at 5 lbs and 5 lbs 12 ounces.

    Can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! :)

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  • At 26 Weeks both boys were 2lbs 3 oz.

    At 30 weeks Baby A was 3lbs 8oz and Baby B was 3lbs 9oz.

    They have always been on the big side though.

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  • At my 30w1d u/s, the boys were:

    3 lbs, 15 oz

    3 lbs, 5 oz

    3 lbs

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