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Inlaw follow up

I posted a while back about my inlaws visiting - basically they didn't help with DS and caused me more work and stress. They did not seem interested in DS at all and have no plans on visiting again.

Because this is the only grandchild I **try** to email updates as often as possible to both sets of grandparents. I did while I was pregnant and I am trying now with DS. Just stuff like how much he weighs or any new things he is doing.  

This week my MIL wrote back how hearing about DS made her cry and how much she misses me and DS and can't wait to come visit again. WHAT????

I showed that to DH and he said it was very typical of his parents - showing emotion from a safe distance. In my PP post I said I really liked them via phone and email and now I know why!



Re: Inlaw follow up

  • Wow. People can be so bizarre! At least you have a new level of understanding now. Maybe the next visit will be less painful.
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  • just described my MIL to a tee! They were here when DS was born for 5 days and did absolutely nothing at all to help us and just sat on our couch for 5 days straight! She never calls to check on how he is, we try to send her updates but she never even responds to it. She didn't call on my first mothers day nor did she call to thank us for the flowers we sent her. She just called the other day for DH's bday and said the same thing..we miss you, DS etc...what?

     BTW...where are you in Colorado? I live in NW Denver...highlands area.

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  • Reading your post makes me SO grateful for my inlaws.  Oy! I feel for you!

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  • Ugh, your poor thing. Let's hope that the "next" time will be much better for all involved...hopefully, she realized how unhelpful she was the last time and is embarrassed by it and wants to make it up to you.....I hope!  {{crossing fingers}}
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  • I'm sorry - that sucks in its own right. My MIL tried to be the "mommy" when she was here so it goes the other way too and that isn't good either. Personally, I think I prefer the apathy, but that may be a case of the grass is greener. She even got on our webcam and sent out an email where she held up the baby and said "her baby was here".  She did this with her other grandbaby also (took over parenting)... I like them better from a distance also.
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