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Witchin hours?

OK, so I have to know.  What time does your angel spin start to spin its head?  My darling angel becomes really fussy from about 4 - 8 pm.  Its always a challenge to eat dinner.  By the time I have her asleep at 1030, I am worn out.  But then I can sleep til 330 am and the games begin again.

Re: Witchin hours?

  • That will stop I promise. My little guy used to have the witching hours later from like 8-11 ish . It was brutal. Eventually he grew out of it and it went away! I hope its soon for you!
  • With DD it lasted from about 5 weeks to 8 weeks. Too soon to tell with this little guy but he's starting to get fussy every night just as we sit down to dinner.
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  • Usually between 5 and 7.  It's awful!  By the time H got home from work today I just was at my wits end.  I just handed Rocco over and said "he's all yours!"  I went for a walk.  
  • My boy starts misbehavin' around the same time as G. DH and I usually have to tag-team dinner.
  • Same same. She seems to have outgrown the random pissyness though.

    Now what happens is that as the day wears on the naps get shorter and her threshold for overstimulation gets lower. We take a walk at that time now so she dozes instead of fusses. BF/bottle tag team while dinner gets made and then she gets a bath and it's bedtime.

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  • So I spoke to my mom a few minutes ago.  She told me that I need to teach her to soothe herself.  To put her in the swing, even though she cannot stand it and let her cry herself to sleep.  I did it about 17 minutes ago.

    She cried and cried and it was hard.  But she is asleep for the first time in the swing she hates.  I feel so terrible, but I cannot do anything.  I just made the bed 5 minutes ago.

  • I hear you!!  It's usually about 5-7 in our house, just when we need to tend to DD.  Who is also usually spent by then.  Pedi told me that most babies tend to have these witching hours towards the end of the day when they are just done with so much stimulation of the day.  He recommended that for the hour or so before DD's witching hour, we start to downgrade the stimulation, move to soft and soothing things.  Worked really well for her.  Wish we could do it with this guy but it's tough with him at DC and dealing with DD too.  Usually once we get over that period of fussiness, he's pretty good.

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  • My LO gets fussy usually between 8 to 10pm. It was longer before, but I feel like it's when she isn't getting enough when I nurse. So I have been pumping at least enough for a 4oz. feeding in the middle of the day & my boobies are more full for her later feeding, which leaves her more satisfied. I try to BF the last time at 7:30. usually by 9:00 she is starting to get fussy. We try to hold off the last feeding (formula) til 10:00. Then she usually doesn't wake til 2:30-3:00. SHe really doesn't fuss unless she's hungry or wet.
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  • 7-10. He does have a fit around noon as I am trying to eat lunch but the real unsoothable time comes in the evening. My husband is confident that DS hates him.
  • It was 6-8:30 and got much, much better between 2 and 3 mos. Hang in there! I know when you're in it it seems like it will never end, but it will.

  • DD is fussy from about 7-10 pm.  I think my DH thinks she hates him, just like pp mentioned about her DH.
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  • Thus far, Aaron is fussy between 10 pm and 1 am?but since he's only two weeks old, I'm sure that can change.

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  • Please don't listen to your Mom.
  • We have the exact same witchin hour going on in our home.  At least she STTN after she does go to bed so I won't complain to much for now.
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