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  • Thanks for reminding me!  I used to use Mizunos for indoor sports.  I really liked them.  For about 10 years, I used New Balance.  And for the past 3 I have been using Asics.  A bit heavier, but I have stopped doing long distance.

     Oh, so for the tris I used to do, I did the Nautica in Malibu and a few shorter courses.     If I didnt have a CS, then I would have done it again this year since I was swimming since February to train for it. 

    I am not sure if I will do them again.  In my 20s, I had nothing else to do but work out.  Now, its a little different.  LO is crying it out as I type.  Maybe the longest distance I will do is a half marathon, since it does not tear up my body like the full ones did.

     And I have to ask..are you blind???? How can you NOT see an orange cone????

  • Good point - the training really does take time (DD is attached to righty while I type). At that time we lived in FL and it was soooo easy to leave from our door and go cycle with little fear of being mowed over by a car. I am terrified to ride here even though I see people do it. I hear stories from DH and his fellow residents about the trauma cases they see. I do miss it so much though :(

    I am not blind but I am a real klutz. I fall over for no reason at all! That race was in Miami - my best swim ever, a great bike leg, smooth transitions, I felt great....then the run went through the zoo. Some woman is running next to me and points to my left saying, "hey look over there!" Like a complete dumbass I looked at the hippo in her little pond fluttering her ears. Next thing I know I'm on the ground with a traffic cone all twisted between my ankles. I actually got up, mopped up the blood and ran for another 4 miles before the pain was so overwhelming I had to walk the rest. 

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  • Sorry, but I am choking on my tuna sandwich!  Well, you lived to tell about it, right?  Guess you wont be falling for that old Hippo thing again?

    I hate riding bc it hurts my you know what. But I wonder how I will work out again.  I know my gym takes kids at 6 months for day care.   What will I do before then?  And you cant really jog with the baby until they are a few months. 

    I would looove to be able to leave DH with the kid and say See Ya in 2 hours.  But I just dont see that happening.  He is the breadwinner and I cant leave him with her just so I can wear a size 2, you know?

  • Stupid hippo.

    I hear you on all counts. I don't have an answer really but at least your not alone in that boat! I am limited to doing things at home or with LO so no swim, bike, run for me right now. DH claims he will watch her while I swim or run but it hasn't worked out so far (she has to cooperate) and I haven't pushed it yet. I would think of instituting my plan to roll out of bed early but DD is STTN most of the time now so by morning my breasts are so heavy and leaky. I can't imagine jogging down the road with my boobs going 'ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk'! Confused

    Meh - for now I just do what I can do. I walk a lot and do weights/resistance/circuits/DVDs at home. We have the CycleOps Fluid so I use that for my bike. I'll bet you could score a cheap trainer on Craigs list. You can hop on and off to adjust your seat but I never did get to a point where I was comfortable in the saddle while using my aerobars :( I would love to have a treadmill again (we sold it when we moved from FL to CA).

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  • That is totally nice of DH to offer to watch the LO while you get back into training. And you know, I never thought about running with these jugs.  I better invest in some duck tape.
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