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taking my workout away : (

just wanting to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. as a triathalete, I continued to workout, with cutting back intensity obviously. I had an isolated bleeding episode, a week ago (very small), and all my doctor is allowing my to do is walk and swim now...at 6 weeks. which is extremly frustrating, and not to mention boring. my nurse said they just want to get me through the first trimester, then I may be able to add a few things back in. but if its not ok now, how would it be ok 2nd trimester? regardless, I will do anything to make this baby ok. it just scares me for her to make me be this cautions so early.

Re: taking my workout away : (

  • I think that they are really cautious in the first trimester, more so even than later in the pregnancy. I know it is probably frustrating and boring for you, but it is only a few months and then hopefully you'll be able to be more active, and then just think about how much more active you'll be when you're running after a gorgeous little newborn!


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  • I had a similar event.  My doc pulled me from any exercise, I couldn't even walk around the block. I had my baby 15 wks ago and now spend AS much time as possible in the gym!  I didn't want to risk anything with my LO so I listened to my doc.. gained a ton of weight, but I listened.    I am getting all of the weight off, slowly but surely.
  • I can definitely understand your pain. I've had some issues and now basically have to resort to just walking, although I am much further along. (29 weeks)  My only advice is that this is a short time of your life and that you WILL be back to your intense workouts post baby.  Think ahead to the finish line and the fantastic medal (baby) that will be waiting for you! :)



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