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Do you work or are you a SAHM

Not to imply that SAHM's don't work but my question is - how many on this board work outside the home (or in a home office) vs how many are stay at home moms.  Part time or full time and if you are a SAHM, do you have a side job at all (home sale type stuff - a friend of mine is a SAHM but watches 1 little girl a few hours each day 4 days a week and another sells cute baby cloths/blankets that she makes).

 I work FT and my girls are in daycare/preschool full time.  I work from home 2 days a week.

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Re: Do you work or are you a SAHM

  • I work FT outside of the home and my DD is in daycare 4 days a week and I have a baby sitter on Sundays to watch her while I work that day.

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    I work FT, outside the house.  Our 2 kids are in daycare/preschool Monday - Friday.
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  • I teach, so I work 9 1/2 months of the year.  My boys are an amazing in home daycare, but I am able to SAH with them in the summer.  I can't pull them out for just the summer so I send them a couple days a week when I'm home to keep their spots.

    I am supposed to be lesson planning right now. Sad

  • I used to work from home before I was laid off.  I do some consulting from home ocaissionally.  In January, I will work for DHs company and bring baby with me.
  • I really would like to give credit to you all who are working. I can't imagine having to get up early & get anywhere on time. how do you function?

    I am lucky enough not to have to work right now. We have our own business & DH says it's up to me on what I want to do.

    My sister had my mom watch her kids, but they will be going to school in a week or so. My mom is retired & my sis paid her to watch them (even though my mom hated to take the money). I figure i will drop LO off at my mom's a couple days a week, so she can still make some extra money & I can use that time to get to the gym, go food shopping & work when i feel like it.

    I'd also like to start focusing on my graphic design & photography which I haven't done much time for.

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  • When I return to work, it will be FT. We have 4 day work weeks (looong days though) and we will use a nanny for 3 of those days. We'll see how it goes...I'm already thinking about dropping back to 3 days a week!

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  • I'm a FT SAHM. We have twins so to put them in daycare would be pointless as it would cost us at lease 2K a month where we live, and that would only afford us a bottom of the barrel place. And we have no family nearby. I love it though and am hoping to do this as long as possible!
  • I work FT (law enforcement) and so does DH. My schedule right now gives me 12-hr days, so I only work 15 each month (letting me have extra time with DD - wonderful!). Because of our schedules, we have an au pair.

    Honestly, I have no idea how we would manage if we did not go the AP route.

  • SAHM but I'm a freelance writer and work occasionally.
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  • currently a FT SAHM.  i'll re-evaluate when LO#2 is 3 mos old.  i'm missing the workforce.
  • When I go back I will be working full time.  LO will be in daycare 3 days a week and at home with my MIL 2 days. 
  • I used to work part-time from home after my 1st was born - I went part-time since he needed extra care as he was born with a birth defect.  Then I got laid off right before my 2nd was born, massive layoffs & outsourcing. 

    So I am home right now with my kids.. & honestly it is a lot of work - there are days when I would like to go back to work...  but I love being home, since I get to be such an active part of my kids lives.. there are some really easy days & some really really tough days especially with a 3 1/2 yr old.. no such thing as terrible two's & financially it is draining.  But, this is the only time in their lives I will get to spend this much time with them! 


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  • I am lucky to have a great career and work FT. My kids go to a daycare center.
  • Once I am done my Maternity leave, I will be going back to work part time.
  • I work fulltime. My 2 girls are in daycare fulltime (5 days a week).
  • We both work full time.  I love my job, DH is so-so about his (but is grateful to have a job).  I telecommute one day a week, but I don't have the girls home with me on that day - I wouldn't get anything done.

    The baby is in an in-home daycare (same one the toddler went to) and the toddler will be starting full day Montessori preschool after Labor Day.  We're so excited about that!

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  • Both DH and I work full time Monday through Friday and DD goes to a daycare center.  On Fridays I work from home, but DD still goes to daycare.  There is no way I'd get anything done if she were here!

    We will be moving to new city in a few months, at which point I will work from home full time.  We'll definitely find new childcare for DD as she is way too active for me to watch while I work.  I can just imagine conference calls with her babbling (or screaming) in the background... 

  • Neither and both, haha.  Currently I'm a substitute because PA sucks, and I can't get a full time job.  I sub 3 days a weeks.  The other 2 days I stay home with EK.
  • I WAH full-time (head of development for a software company). DH also WAH when he's not traveling and we have a nanny for the kids.

    NOT an ideal situation...too many people in the house. We have to shut ourselves in our offices to get anything done, but we really didn't want DS in daycare quite yet especially with the potential for a really bad flu season. DD is starting a 2 day a week preschool program next week and they will both be in daycare/preschool full time next year.

  • I'm a SAHM.  I don't plan to return to work until S starts school.
  • I work PT outside the home 2 days per week- my folks watch the girls those days. We also own a business that I handle HR/health insurance for and I handle that mostly from home. 
  • I work as a SAHM (Full-time) and am involved in two national moms groups.  I also belong to a jazzercise fitness center and go there for jazzercise classes twice a week.


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  • I work FT and fortunately my job is flexible enough that I can telecommute when necessary.  DCs go to daycare FT.

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  • Taking off 6 months for baby but prior was working full time and will prob go back full time.  But for me thats 3 12 hour shifts so its not too too bad!
  • I am currently on maternity leave (3 months) but will go back to working full time outside the house in November. I love my job and have a great career, so staying at home was never an option for me. We have an Au Pair who will watch Sarah when I go back to work. We'll continue that until she is 3 when we'll have her go to kindergarden. I am not a fan of Day Care at an early age.
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  • I work full time and consider myself very lucky that I can continue in a career I love. I never felt any pressure to SAH.  My son is in a daycare center with about 200 kids, 5 days a week. He loves it.

    When my second child arrives I will continue to work full time and pay $1 million to my daycare each month. Party!!!

  • I am on week 8 of 12 weeks of maternity leave.  DD will start daycare when I return to work FT at the end of Sept. Depending how things go, I may ask if I can cut back to 3-4 days per week.  I'd have to pay for full time day care either way, though.
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  • I work FT from home. Both kids are at daycare FT. The daycare is amazing and is a 15 minute walk from home - perfect for squeezing in some exercise!
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