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Shoes for bow-legged babies?

Do Stride-Rites help with bow-legged walkers? Mitchell is SO bow-legged. Is this something a good pair of shoes can "cure"? When should I worry about his legs not being straight?

Re: Shoes for bow-legged babies?

  • I'd imagine he probably needs those Forest Gump shoes.
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  • Have you discussed this with your doctor? ?I think he/she could point you in the right direction...
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  • DD is sooo bowlegged, too!  I was reading online that bowleggedness usually improves between 15 and 18 months.  I hope so!!  I'm goign to bring it up to my pedi at the 15 month appt.
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  • My pedi said at my son's 12 month appointment that since he was just starting to walk we would give it a little time. She said that walking helps to straighten the legs but we would revisit at 18months because "anything we do to help the straighten is not pleasant". I don't feel like they have gotten any better.
  • My DD is very bow legged and we actually had to see a specialist at 2 months because of it. My pedi said it can take as long as 2-3 years for them to fully straighten and dorky high top sneakers might give her more support while walking.
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  • Ask his doctor. Stride Rites won't cure anything. Some babies grow out of it, some don't.

    My friend's son has the opposite problem - his legs go in at the knee and then sort of out. He's doing pt and they're talking about maybe doing surgery.

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