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36 week induction for severe IUGR (long)

Well, I'll start at the beginning.  Sunday night we called L&D a bit early and went in a bit early.  Got there at shift change... My nurse was in the OR so I went down to visit another nurse who'd had a c-section the night before.  Her LO was so cute!  And I couldn't wait to get started.  So we went back up and got into our room and our nurse found the residents.  My friend put in my cervidil (sounds so weird to say my friend did that, but we're both ob/gyn residents at the same hospital) and I got my ambien and tried to sleep.  About an hour later, I realized how that was so not happening!  I am so wimpy!  I had a couple doses of stadol before the morning and by shift change, I was ready for my epidural.  More than ready!

I moved along pretty decently after my epidural-- the anesthesiologist (both CRNA and anesthesiologist were not who I would have chosen to be there for me, but oh well...)  had to stick me twice, but I ended up with a lovely block.  Anyway, right after that, they put me on pitocin.  By noon or 1pm, I was 3cm and completely thinned out.  They figured after that, I'd move swiftly.  But no.  At 4pm, I was still 3pm.  So another friend of mine broke my water.  By 5:30pm, I was feeling some funky pressure, so I called in my nurse and I was complete!  My doctor came and by 6:02 pm I was pushing.  By 6:24 on August 17....

Alexander (Alec) Matthew was born!

After a shocking 22 minutes of pushing our wee man arrived.  He weighed 5lb0oz and was 16 1/2in long.  His APGARs were 9 and 9.  I cut his cord because DH would not.  But my placenta would not come out.  There had to be something right?  So my doctor had to manually get it and then I had a D&C at the bedside to make sure nothing was left behind.  I had a small tear and that was it.  Oh, except for the fever.  I had a fever while I was feeding Alec, but it went away with some tylenol.  I had to be on 24 hours of antibiotics because of the D&C, but the fever never came back.

The first day after he was born was uneventful.  However, that night he was super fussy and wouldn't eat.  If it hadn't been for our nurse... It would have been horrible.  But the next day, the pediatrician was upset with the amount of weight he had lost and the fact he'd become a bit jaundiced.  Babies are supposed to lose 5-9% of their body weight, but Alec had lost 12% of his body weight and only weighed 4lb6oz!  And with his feeding issues and jaundice, they said he couldn't come home with us!  It was devastating because we had psyched ourselves up to bring him home with us.  If we had gone in with the mindset to leave him there, it may have been different, but we hadn't had that.  So of course I cried.  DH made me leave the room and go for a walk.  While we were gone, my blackberry was stolen from the room.  I'll be phoneless until 9/1, when they go on sale with Sprint. 

So we left Alec last night.  We considered stopping at the dog boarders to get the dogs on our way home, but it was closed.  So we just came home.  I fell asleep pretty much as my head hit the pillow and woke up pretty much in time to get dressed and run out the door to make it to his feeding.  He gained weight overnight!  So today he weighed 4lb9oz, which we were thrilled about, and his jaundice was improving.  He got circumcised, and after that they said he was ready to come home.  He passed his car seat challenge, and we were super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we brought him home.  DH went and got the dogs who sniffed Alec and gave him teeny kisses.  He's eating great and we don't have to supplement with formula anymore.  He's snoozing in is PnP now-- the crib makes him look even smaller than he actually is!  It's crazy.

So that's the story :)

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Re: 36 week induction for severe IUGR (long)

  • It must have been really hard to leave him there, but how nice that he wasn't in the hospital very long!  Congratulations!
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