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First appt booked!

I just booked our first dr's appt and I can't wait!  I'm most excited about the ultrasound.  I think it'll really solidify all of this for me - not that the contstant peeing, fatique, and sore breasts haven't already convinced me!  

I feel like the nausea is slowly creeping up on me.  I'm about 5 weeks - when did the nausea hit for some of you??

Re: First appt booked!

  • Nausea hit me right at 5 weeks.  I found that seabands helped me a little bit.  I was in 1st tri in the spring so it was easy to hide them with a light jacket. 

    When do you go for the u/s!?

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  • Nausea hit me right around that time and last through the whole first trimester. The second tri's been a little better except the past couple days the nausea has returned but not nearly as bad as in the beginning.

    Enjoy the ultrasound!!

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  • Same here- nausea started around 5 weeks and went until about week 18 or so.  Next time I will not be such a trooper and I will get some medication for it- I was sick about 3 times a day for weeks.
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