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I beat induction!! Xtra long.

On Wednesday I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday the 18th. I kept trying to get it changed because my husband had a furlough day on Monday and has only been back to work for one week since being laid off in Dec. He didn't want to take a day so soon especially unpaid. They said they couldn't. Tuesday it would be.

At 4am on Sunday morning I woke up with contractions. Only 1 of every 4 actually hurt and I couldn't really keep track of them. I got up and ate and got on here to use the contraction counter, but it didn't really help. After a shower I got back in bed and woke up with another painful contraction around 6am. That was it. Just one. I told my husband then that if I had another one that hurt like that I was going in. I didn't have another one. I stayed in bed and generally didn't feel well. I asked my husband to make me breakfast and he brought it around 10am. I got up and moped around and tried to count the times the pain in my back increased. It was untimeable, they just happened whenever. At 1:30 I decided that something was up and told my husband we were going in. I called the doctor and we started driving while waiting for him to call back. I simply told him I thought I was in labor and he said come in. At that point the pains increased when we hit bumps and I was beyond waiting on permission to come in. We were halfway there.

They hooked me up to the monitors and she told me that I was having contractions 3-7 minutes apart but they weren't the strong ones, they were just painful and irritating. I was still 2 1/2 centimeters, the same as the week before. She told me to walk for two hours and see if anything changed. I walked and had strong contractions every 5 minutes and weak ones every 3 minutes. They just never seemed to stop only some lasted for a few seconds and some lasted a minute or more. I could only walk for an hour before I told my husband I couldn't do any more laps. She came back and checked me and I was in tears from the pain, but I was 3 1/2 centimeters. The show was starting.

We got into a labor suite at about 5:30. I got an epidural and started on penicillin. At around 10:30 the plan according to the doctor was to give me the second dose of penicillin,break my water, and start pitocin. I repeated this to the nurse after the doctor left and she said the doctor didn't tell her that and said she didn't think we needed pitocin because I was contracting pretty hard without it.She called the doctor to get confirmation and she said she would check and the would see about the pitocin. They checked and I was btw 5-6, but baby was high. She told me to let her know if I felt pressure in my bottom. About 30 minutes later I did, but I didn't say anything. When she came and asked I told her I did and she gave me a funny look and said I bet you're complete. She called the doctor and she checked I was at 10 cm, fully effaced, and a +1 ( I don't really know about the station, but she was high).

At 12, the doctor said we were just gonna push to get the baby down, but after a few tries she stopped saying she didn't want to tire me out and she would just let me labor down. 30 minutes later she came  back and I told her I needed to push. We started pushing again and I felt her stretching me. My husband looked like he wanted to faint. At  2:35am she rushed into scrubs and they pulled the bottom of the bed away. At 2:37am she told me to stop pushing and then to give her a small push. Riley was born at 2:38am.

I needed 1 internal stitch, I had the epidural re-dosed once, and pushed my little button every 10 minutes after that. Recovery is a breeze and she has the strongest latch and suction known to man. I was really worried about going over my due date, but she and my son were born exactly one week past due. He was induced and we used pitocin and all kinds of monitors. It was really medical as opposed to her birth which felt more intimate.

Sorry so long, I wanted to get that out.

Re: I beat induction!! Xtra long.

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