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Induced Labor Question

So if our lil one doesnt come sooner, we are scheduled to induce labor this Saturday! I'm really excited to think our first baby will be here this weekend for sure! I was just wondering if anyone has been induced before and thier experiences. I'm not worried or anything, I just was curious how quickly it goes and what to expect. TIA!

Re: Induced Labor Question

  • They began induction around 4:00 pm on Monday and my LO didn't arrive until 10:31 pm on Tuesday. I was still 3CM at 3:00 pm on Tuesday until I got the epidural then I progressed to 10 rather quickly. She probably would have arrived around 7:00 pm but she was face up and stuck behind the bone. They had to use the vaccuum. She was only 6p11o, but if she were much bigger I probably would have needed a csection.

    Hope your labor goes well!

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  • It really depends on many factors. Are you dilated? Are you effaced? What station is the baby at? Is the baby in position? How is the heart rate for the baby? How is your heart rate?

    I went to be induced for my son and I needed a c-section. He was too big for me to have, my hips didn't spread enough for him to come through and he was wedged into my hips. Everyone's story is different. No 2 births are the same. Just trust in your nurses since they do most of the work when the doc isn't around and voice your concerns. Good Luck and keep us all posted!

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