I am a lurker here as my BIL and SIL are in the adoption process. I just read that you are traveling to Korea at the end of the month to bring your baby home. First of all congrats! Second, I am just wondering what the wait was for you from the time your file was send to Korea to the time you were matched and then now traveling. Their file was sent 3 months ago. They are obviously very anxious and prepared for the 12-15mo wait that they were told. However, with in the adoption community that they meet with every month it seems that the wait time has been on the shorter end of that, maybe even a bit sooner. Just wondering about your experince so maybe I can give them some hope that they won't have to wait the full 15mo. We are all bursting at the seams for them!

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  • Hi and thanks for the congrats we are beyond excited as you can imagine and CONGRATS to your BIL and SIL on their adoption process.

    OK we were told by our agency last Nov. that it would be 12-15 months we were opened to waiting children ( kids with minor to moderate medical needs) and that is what our son is.   So from start to finish it will be about 10 months.  Out of that 10 months 3 1/2 is waiting for him to come home.  I am not sure if your BIL & SIL are interested in the waiting child program but if they are it is a way of  getting a match quicker...... believe me some of the medical issues that these kids have are soooooo minor...(our son has undecended testicles) BIG DEAL.....he will have a very minor outpatient surgery when he gets home and be fine.  But because of that we are able to have our baby boy sooner than later.  Our agency has been averaging around 14 months for "healthy" children.....and than tack on another 2-4 months for the baby comes home.

    Good luck to them and let me know if I can help them out during their process......


  • Sorry to butt in, but I'm going to;)

     Korea doesn't have a central agency in charge of referrals (like China does). So each agency will have individual timelines--both on the American side, and the Korean side. So how long a family with one agency waits for referral can be completely different from how long someone waits with another agency--even if they share the same Korean placement agency.

    We brought DS#2 home in December. While he was a sibling call, our agency was running 7-9 months for a healthy boy referral (and I believe it still is). Travel is an additional 3-5 months.

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  • Thanks for your responses. I will pass the info along. Have a safe trip!
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