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Hi Ladies,

Our friends are going through the adoption process right now and I want to get them a present. I'm thinking a book. Any that you recommend or what gift would you like to receive from a friend to show support?


Re: book recommendation

  • There have been lots of great recommendations on this board. See the link in my siggy to see a few. :) 

    What a great gift for your friend!  

  • What Stephanie said.  If you are interested in children's books, try A Mother for Chaco or Horace.

    You sound llike a wonderful friend.  Thanks for understanding that going through the adoption process is also "expecting a child". :)  If you really want to be supportive, offer babysitting help and playdates when their child comes home, see if you can't be a reference in the homestudy... and most importantly, check in with your friend every now and then to see how they're doing and let them know they can call you if they need to vent.  Esp if they're adopting after infertility, it should mean a lot to them to know that someone who obviously does not have that problem is still there as their friend. 

    Not knowing their or your community's financial situation, but if you and your other friends have the time and resources to organize a fundraiser, I'm sure your friends would be touched by that too.

    Good luck with your own new addition to the family!

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