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Daycare, napping, & shoes question

Does your dc put the kids down for naps with their shoes on? 

Ours does (large center) and I was thinking of asking them not to (I can't imagine that it's comfortable for the kids to wear their shoes all day long).  I wanted to see what other DCPs do before asking, in case there is some valid reason they leave their shoes on.

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Re: Daycare, napping, & shoes question

  • We're at a large daycare center and they do take their shoes off for naps.
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  • I used to be a toddler teacher and my co-teacher & I always took the kids shoes off. I would never want to sleep with shoes on, so I always figured my little one's would be more comfortable without their shoes. I think it depends on the teachers. The classroom next to mine (which was older toddlers (2-3yrs) left their kids shoes on because they felt it added to the chaos of wake up time to have to put all the shoes back on. My co-teacher & I just didn't think it was that big of a deal to take 2 seconds to put shoes back on after nap. Stick out tongue  I would just simply ask. I can't imagine they would refuse unless there was some sort of policy. The only thing we ever had to take into consideration was "what if there was a fire" but honestly we knew the chances of that were slim.


    DS Jack Gregory May 23, 2005

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  • our daycare does not take their shoes off. It's a rule that shoes stay on all day.

     If baby is not walking- baby doesn't need shoes... or should be wearing comfortable crib shoes (like robeez)... so no need to take them off.

    If the child is walking- it's a rule that they must keep their shoes on all day - to prevent injury or in case of a fire.  My son had his toe smashed in a door the ONE time his shoe was off (it fell off during water play).... someone opened a door and didn't see him behind it- raised his nail and everything.

    i'd also prefer my DCP doing more important things than taking off and putting on shoes all day long... it takes time - and isn't important IMO.

  • My daycare leaves the shoes on as well although my older DD is now in the preschool program and the kids take on and off their shoes all day long themselves so I am guessing my older DD takes her own shoes off at naptime.  I always laugh since the majority of the kids in her room end up with shoes on the wrong feet but there is no way you can watch that and be correcting it all day and I wouldn't want the teachers wasting their time on it - I can't keep her shoes on and on the right feet half time!  The joys of summer shoes that come on and off so easily.  We'll see what happens come winter!
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  • My daycare center also leaves the shoes on in case they need to evacuate in an emergency.
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