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Hellooo Out there

Where has everyone gone?
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Re: Hellooo Out there

  • I'm here Smile Just hanging out in the tww.... One week 'til testing!
    sahm ~ toddler breastfeeder ~ cloth diaperer ~ baby wearer

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  • Hello. I just have nothing new to report in the world of LGBT parenting....oh wait....I guess I do...

    So names are going to be BIG issue for K and I.  We tend to have two very different naming styles.  And I've always thought about names for kids and she never has. Anyway, I've asked her to try and think of one name a week.  So yesterday I asked if she thought of any when she was away and she said yes, Caitlin.

    Hmmm.....Caitlin, Katelyn, Kaitlin, Katilyn....not a name on the top of my list but not bad.  Not big news but with my DW every baby step is like a leap - lol!


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  • hello! Big Smile

    i've been so crazy busy with everything lately, and there's been a lot going on at work. my wife is now in the third trimester, so we're just trying to get as much done at home as we possibly can. i can't believe we're so close!

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