Here's the knit soaker pattern. Note that the instructions give you absolutely no idea of size. This is definitely not a newborn soaker. I'm going to attempt to do math in the near future and get it down to a smaller size (I'm guessing it's about a medium). You'll also feel like you're doing the crotch ribbing forEVER, but it will end eventually ;)

 This is the crocheted one. It is super easy and super fast. And it comes with instructions for multiple sizes and some variations (eg, a skirt for a girl)

This looks easy (and cute!), but I haven't tried it

this looks too intriguing to pass up


Re: ~Stephanie~

  • Awesome, thank you!!!!

    And a can I possibly pass that up?!? ;)

    What kind of yarn did you use? I'll be passing these patterns along to my mom & grandma (since they never taught me to knit).

    Seriously, cute!

  • I used wool. I have a lot lying around.

    You'll need to lanolize them before you use them, but it looks pretty easy.

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