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Cassie's Unmedicated Birth!

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I had been dilated to 3cms and 80% effaced since week 38.  I started having cramping during week 38 and though for sure DD would be coming any time.  Like many others, I got my hopes up but, DD decided to wait until 3 days before her due date to arrive.  On Monday August 4, 2009 I got up and went to work as usual.  When I got there I talked to my boss about working part-time this week because it was getting too hard for me to be in the preschool classroom all day long, it was just too much.  I worked until 1p.m. that day and I went home.  I felt the same as usual, I wasn?t even really cramping.  I cleaned up the house a bit, watched some TV, made dinner and just relaxed with DH  We decided to go to bed around 11:30p.m.

                At 11:45p.m. I felt a huge gush of water, my water had definitely broken!  I said to DH, ?Oh my God!?  He replied, ?What?? So I then said, ?My water just broke!?  We both jumped out of bed and I called the midwife on call. At this point I wasn?t having any contractions so she told me to take my time coming into the hospital.  We live about 20 minutes from the hospital so DH and I decided to shower before heading out.  I debated over whether or not to have something to eat.  I didn?t end up eating anything because I was too nervous and excited.  After we showered we packed the last minute things in the bag and we were out the door around 12:45a.m.

                We arrived at the hospital a little after 1a.m.  I was starting to get some small contractions on the ride in, but they weren?t painful at all.  We went in the Emergency entrance as all the other doors are locked between 8p.m. and 7a.m.  The two guys at the desk saw us coming in with all of our goodies so one jumped up to get a wheelchair and the other immediately called Labor and Delivery.  He asked my name and due date, I could figure out my name, but my due date was beyond me?DH finally chimed in and told him.  I got into the wheelchair and we were off to L&D!  I almost declined the wheelchair, but it?s a good thing I didn?t, it was a long ride up to L&D!

                Once we were up at L&D they had me give a urine sample while Jerry answered some registration questions.  We were then sent into triage.  They had me change into a johnny and they hooked me up to the monitor.  DH was having fun watching the contraction monitor as they tested me to make sure my water had indeed broken.  Needless to say, it had broken and the nurse checked me.  I was still at 3cms and I was 100% effaced.  They then sent me in to a L&D room.  We got settled in and they finished the registration process while my blood was being drawn.  The contractions were very manageable at this point and were probably 5-7 minutes apart.

                Once they had gotten some IV fluids in me and monitored me for 10 minutes they let me get out of bed and take a walk.  DH and I started to walk around the L&D floor and this is when I noticed my contractions getting more intense.  They were manageable, but I had to stop walking and start swaying as they came.  I decided it would be best for me to head back to the room.  We got back to the room around 3a.m. and the nurse checked me, I was now dilated to 5cms.  The nurse brought out the birth ball and I tried it out.  At first it wasn?t very comfortable, but with every contraction it started to feel better.  I was beginning to get nauseous during my contractions, but never threw up.  Around 4am the nurse came in to check me again, I dreaded getting off of the ball and into the bed because the contractions were far worse lying down.  At this point I was dilated to 6cms and progressing nicely.

                I got out of bed and back on the ball, the contractions were becoming even more intense and I started to moan through them.  I labored like this until about 6a.m. and I started to feel pressure.  The nurse had me hop back on the bed so she could check me again.  I was now 7.5cms dilated.  The nurse did not want me going back on the ball as I was progressing and I was having pressure.  Laboring in bed was soooo hard!  I even told DH that I couldn?t do it.  After he and the nurse convinced me I was almost there I put my game face on and went forward.  The contractions were really intense and I really had to focus on my breathing.  Around 6:30a.m. I told the nurse that I had to push.  She checked me again and I was 9cms!  I couldn?t believe it.  At this point things were fuzzy, the contractions were so intense, I was shaking, my hands were tingling and I was doing my best not to push. DH was great, he was helping me with my breathing, encouraging me, holding my hand and putting a cool cloth on my forehead.  During all of this the nurses were running around trying to get a hold of a midwife as it was the change of shift.  I had no idea this was happening because my contractions were so intense.

                Finally a midwife came in, she checked me and I was 10cms and the baby was in position.  She started to have me push around 6:50a.m.  Pushing was so relieving!  I pushed for 2 sets of contractions and then the other midwife came in.  There were so many people in the room!  Two midwives and three nurses and they were all cheering me on.  They kept telling me they could see the baby?s head and that she had a lot of hair.  I continued to push through three more sets of contractions and endured an episiotomy.  Finally, at 7:11a.m. Cassie was born!  She was 6lbs. 12oz. and was 20in. long.  She scored an 8/9 on her Apgars.  Unfortunately, the umbilical cord detached from the placenta and the midwife had to manually remove my placenta.  This was far worse than labor itself!  Once that was over we did skin to skin for an hour and then they took her to bathe her.

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