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We went to the County fair on Wednesday to do some eating and some walking.  I had a doctor's appt later in the day and was sad to learn that I was still only 1 cm.  I jokingly told the doctor I was going to have the baby that night and he replied "that's fine, a different doctor is on call, not me".  That night we were sitting on the couch watching tv and I was watching the half of my stomach that Parker liked to hang out in rise up really high.  It had been doing this at night for about a week and I thought he was just moving around in there.  But then I commented to MH that it seemed to be happening with some rhythm and maybe they were contractions.  At around 11:00pm I felt a pop and a gush and I jumped up from the couch yelling "I think my water just broke".  I ran into the bathroom.  Luckily I was already wearing a pad and as soon as I got into the bathroom to check things out it was obvious that there was meconium in the water.  I yelled to MH and he was outside the door and said "I'm looking at the book right now.  It is green and has a foul odor?" (sorry that's gross, but he was cracking me up with the book).  "It says we need to call the practitioner right away.  I asked him to go upstairs and bring me some clean clothes.  He was gone forever and when he came back he handed me some sexy Victoria's Secret underwear.  I was like - I haven't worn those in 5 months.  Where are my granny pants?!  I finally got dressed and came out and there was a little piece of paper on the couch - MH had written down what time my water broke "because the book said to" (he was making me laugh - being a very good husband).  I called the doctor, explained what was going on and that I was trying for a vbac.  He told me to go the hospital.  We had to wait an hour for my mom to get there and I thought I was going to climb out of my own skin in that time.  Neither of my neighbors who were supposed to be on call for me answered their phones.  To make the time pass I had MH do things like clean the kitty litter box.  I started to feel the contractions while we waited. 
My mom finally got here and started trying to have a conversation with me.  Meanwhile every step I took resulted in another gush and a change of clothes and I just wanted to get to the hospital.  It's only a 10 minute drive and they checked us right in and got me hooked up to some monitors.  The contractions were coming in a pattern of 2 to 3 on top of each other and then a 5-6 minute break.  I was determined to go natural.  They got stronger and stronger and I began to feel like I was going to vomit with each one.  The nurse came to check me after 5 hours and I was sure she was going to say I was 5 cm, but no - I was just 2.  I wanted to cry.  When she left I started talking to MH about having an epidural, and feeling like a quitter, but 2 cms was not very promising and I was so tired.  He was trying to help me through the contractions and telling me that I was doing a great job, etc.  But this just prompted me to yell at him that I was not doing a good job and everything was not going to be okay!  I finally decided to get the epidural, only to be told that I'd have to wait an hour for my doctor to get there to sign off on it.  When he arrived I was now at 4 cm, so maybe I could have held out, but 4-10 still seemed like a long way to go.
The anesthesiologist came in and as soon as he handed me the consent form to sign I began to throw up.  We finally got started and sitting still while he was doing his thing was hard.  I could still move my legs when he was done, which made me very happy. 

I got some sleep until the nurse came in and made me lie on my left side since the baby's heartrate was dropping after each contraction.  It was then that I realized the only thing I could still feel was my toes.  When the shifts changed at 8:00, my regular doctor came on and he came to check on me.  He told me I was fully dilated!  I didn't feel a darn thing.  They let me "labor down" for an hour and he said at 9:00 he would come back and I could start to push.  I got really nervous thinking about having a baby!
When he came in at 9:00 they told me they could see the baby's head and it shouldn't take long.  I was too numb to feel what I was doing, so they turned off the epidural, which I was glad about.  I was only having a contraction every 6-9 minutes, so in between we all just sat there and waited and looked at each other.  I finally asked why I had to wait for a contraction to push.  My doctor thought for a minute and asked if I wanted to try in between, so I did.  I think I probably only pushed around 8 times total and at 9:58am Parker Everett was born.  I got to hold him for a second and they they took him to clean him up.  They had to do a lot of suctioning because of the meconium so it took them a while to bring him back to me, but at least he was in the same room, unlike with the c-section. 

Re: successful vbac

  • Congrats on your VBAC!! YAY!! I'm really hoping for one with #2, so I love stories like yours. I laughed at the panties part. Sounds like my clueless husband ;-)
  • Girl I was dying at the Victoria's Secret panties! I could imagine you doubled over in pain, look to see what he's holding and then give him a WTF look. This is why I can't have DH pick stuff out for me. I will have to pack well in advance so I can just tell him where the bag is.
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  • Congratulations on your successful VBAC!  I hope to have one with #2 in a few years. 

    And I loved the granny panties bit.  Classic.

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  • Congratulations! I'm hoping to have a VBAC with this baby :)
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  • Thanks for sharing! I love VBAC stories! I hope to have my own in a few weeks.
  • Congrats!! I hope to VBAC with my next one...
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