So tired of the BS! *Update*

*Update : After the main guy at Jefferson City called our local office they "mysteriously" found the documentation! Ha, after they kept telling me it wasn't there! GRRR but YAY! LOL* 

So, as you all know we've been waiting since July 28th to receive the results of my DH's FBI record. (It was over that ticket warrant 5 yrs ago) ... well I called the main guy in Jeff City who was sending the record info and he said it was sent on the 6th of Aug and would be at our county children's division no later than Monday.

I called our local division and they tell me to call the other town's office because they get so much overflow they forward anything to do with adoption to that office. So I call that office and they ask questions like why would it be sent to us, are you sure it's coming to our office, are you adopting through us ... stuff like that.

Then they tell me if it's fingerprinting that takes a lot longer than a week and I have to explain we already did all that it's just an actual copy of the record yada yada. And they are still confused but will call if they get anything.

So today I find out the only worker dealing with adoption stuff will be out till next TUESDAY but the secretary went and checked her mail and said nothing came in. Well, I was confused since I already got my letter stating it was sent out and where to pick it up (the main ppl in Jeff City said the children's divi would get that same letter) and then they get rude with me and say all I can tell you is it's not here! (they also put me on HOLD in the middle of me talking to answer ANOTHER CALL!)

So I called the main office in Jeff City and left a message. My DH is leaving on the boat for 21 days this week and he is the only one who can pick it up. He won't be home until September 3rd and the results have to be picked up within 30 days or they have to be destroyed ... who knows why.

AHHHHH I am so glad I am not directly involved with our local children's division. I have heard our county was the worst ... and i'm starting to see why!

Re: So tired of the BS! *Update*

  • Oh, Jessie, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this!  I hope things get resolved before your husband leaves again.  Best of luck to you!
  • So sorry that you are going through this, here's hoping you can get it resolved b/f DH leaves!!
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  • Thanks ladies! These people are NUTS! I am scared my stuff got lost when the children's divi were forwarding the mail to the next one.
  • Your head must be spinning after all that.  I'm sorry everything is such a hassle.  I hope it gets resolved soon.
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  • I am really sorry you are going thru this...the journey we are on is hard enough! I will keep you guys in my prayers!!
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    I am really sorry you are going thru this...the journey we are on is hard enough! I will keep you guys in my prayers!!



  • Glad it ended up working resolving itself.  I hope the report includes all the information you need to clear up this matter and move on!
  • Jesse,  I'm sorry that you're having to go through this.

    I've learned that nothing is easy when dealing with Jefferson city. THe only thing that has worked for us in the past (we've had to call up to the capitol for work related stuff) is just being that annoying bug that never goes away. It got to the point where I Needed something last year, so I found out what time they arrived at their office and called once a day for a week, before someone finally told me to stop calling, I told them to get my information and i'd leave them alone. Ironically, it came over nighted the next day. LOL. Horray!  Unfortunately, they keep cutting jobs out there because of lack of money...and things just pile up more and more.  I do feel bad for them...wait, no I don't. They are disorganized and rude.

    Side note.... I don't think that your county is the worst...I'm north of you, and it's just as bad here...I've heard soooo many horror stories!  I think it's the entire state children's division.  That's why they've really started contracting out alot MORE of the foster cases to the private agencies because they just don't have the man power to handle the cases. We had alot of issues when we were with childrens division. Now that we're with an agency it seems to run a little smoother. 

    I hope that some fire is put under their butts and they start moving... 


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