You?d think all my time working in a ?hurry up and wait? environment?

would have prepared me to adopt from a ?ma?ana, ma?ana? culture.  But it hasn?t, and I?m frustrated.


We found out on June 17 that Peru wanted more information from our psychologist.  We ran around like idiots (because we were asked by our agency to try and meet the 30-working-day time limit set by Peru), and had her addendum in hand and notarized on July 14.  The next day, we had it faxed to Peru and began the certification process.  We overnighted the official, certified copy to our agency on July 22, who Fed-Exed the documents to Peru the following day.


Now, I know the documents have to clear customs and that Peru had a three-day holiday the following week, but why did it take until yesterday for the documents to go through the last stage of certification, be officially translated, and be submitted to the Peruvian authorities?  Any why did our lawyer tell the agency that the translator was ?just finishing up? with them last Wednesday if it took until Monday to enter them with the authorities?


I just feel like there?s no point in ever checking-in or following-up.  When I do, I just get non-committal answers or off-base estimates, if I get an answer at all.  My agency realizes that any estimate is likely to be wrong, so they generally like to just report actual movement, but that leaves me with long periods of maddening ?radio silence.?  I know this, but the silence and complete lack of news drives me insane, and I always end up asking for updates.  It?s sort of a vicious cycle.


Gah it?s annoying!


ETA:  I just want to say that I know it could be worse.  I have no doubt that the in-country lawyer is on-top of our case, just that he (and everyone else) takes his sweet time getting around to it.  For example, he did realize that we wouldn't get the official documents in within the 30-day deadline and filed for an extension without being asked...but he took almost a week and a half to upload the request to our website, so we didn't know he did it until much later.  I do trust him, I just hate that there's such a delay in communication.  It may just be another case to him, but it's our life, you know?

Re: You?d think all my time working in a ?hurry up and wait? environment?

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