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Trying to pick Hospital.

Anyone have any opinions on Hartford vs. St. Francis?  I have heard good things about St. Francis and advice would be great.  Thanks

Re: Trying to pick Hospital.

  • My SIL just had her son in March at St. Francis and really liked the L&D side but was not impressed at all with the post partum care side of things.  They were basically left on their own to figure things out.  I also had a cousin-in-law who just delivered a preemie at Hartford Hosp. and she had nothing but good things to say about the care there both pre and post birth.  I'm not sure if it's because her case was high risk (she was treated for an incompetent cervix) so she had extra attention or it's just the way it is there.

    I'll be delivering at Hartford Hospital based off of their two experiences and a few othes I've heard.  I've also heard that Manchester has a great L&D dept.

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  • Thank you so much for the advice.  I am also going to talk to my obgyn because her office is associated with both Hartford and St Francis.  Thanks again.
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  • I will be delivering at Hartford Hospital.  I have heard good things about both.
  • I'll be delivering my twins at Hartford Hospital. Based on the recommendation of my specialist. But i hear both are good.
  • I'll also be delivering at Hartford.  I know ppl who have delivered at both and most of the positive experiences have been with Hartford.  My SIL delivered both her children there and the care was great.  Her son was in th NICU and they were really accomodating and understanding - I vote for Hartford!
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