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Enfamil AR - need mixing tips pls!

Anyone have any tips for mixing this formula?? Its such a PITA to make sure its dissolved, what with all the foam that gets created when you shake it. then its so foamy that there is a ton of air in it.

I also noticed that when I fed her while we were out the other day, when I got home and washed the bottle out that the foam had settled into about 1/2 an ounce of formula.

Any tips would be helpful!! TIA!!

Re: Enfamil AR - need mixing tips pls!

  • sorry about that first response...im typing with my lo in my arms =/

    anyway, i had the same issues with that formula.  so i went out and bought this http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=3545091&kw=mixer&origkw=mixer&parentPage=search&f=Taxonomy/TRUSCA/2567270 and never looked back.  it truly is a lifesaver! and it's cheap, too!

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  • Our dt. told us although formula says to shake - not to do it b/c it creates too much foam....which causes gas for the babies....instead of shaking he said to always stir formula with a spoon....we do this and it is so much better.
  • i got dr browns mixing pitcher....17.00 at bru.  much easier to mix up and i make a large batch. the key is to mix and then let settle for 1 hr for decreased foam.  best part is no clumps after 1 minute of mixing.
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