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Newbie to the CT board

HI everyone, I am new and just wanted to say hi and get to know everyone. My DH and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary and that is also when we are going to start TTC, I have just gone of BC and have started my first cycle, hoping it will be some what normal but know that it may not be, we are TTA for cycle one and planning on trying in cycle 2 if all goes well. i am not charting yet, kinda seeing what happens. I am excited we have started the jounery and i am open to all advice and just would love to hear about your jounerys especially since we are all from CT!!!

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  • welcome.  I think I saw you on the CT nestie board too, right?  Both of the boards are pretty dead now, but people check them every once in a while.  GL TTC!!
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  • ya i think i was on the nestie board to i still trying to get all this board stuff figured out, i have never posted things a a board before, but i am liking it so far! I love being able to talk to other people about babies and stuff who are actually interested!!!
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  • Hello and welcome.
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  • hi there.  after tyring for only 2 months off bcp, i started to chart, then 2 more cycles and then I got a + hpt.  good luck!
  • Hello and welcome.
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  • Heyyy Hun! Welcome...I just joined as well. I am so excited to hear you and M are TTC soon! Eric and I just started a couple weeks ago...I've been off BC for awhile now, but we'll see. So random that I opened this and saw you on here. haha. ttys. :)<3 Erica
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  • Welcome!  I'm new to the board as well and I actually just got my first BFP!!  I would actually reccomend charting.  After three cycles we conceived and I was pretty happy with that!  The book - Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wescher is great!  It came with software to help you chart and identify the best times of the month to have sex with the highest rate of conception.  Ya...charting isn't the most fun but it's worth it!!

     Good luck to you! 

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