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WDYT of the name Channing for a boy??

Channing: ?I just came across this name last night. ?It's an Old English name meaning "Wise, brilliant" and hubby & I both kind of like it! ?

We're trying to avoid the more "common" names, so we?want something more unique and original for our little guy, but we don't want something too wacky or trendy. ?

I think Channing has a distinguished, rather charming sound to it but let me know your thoughts. ?Thanks!

Re: WDYT of the name Channing for a boy??

  • I really dislike it.

    But what I think shouldn't really matter if you love it : )

  • I think someone else asked about this name today along with other choices and it didn't receive that much positive feedback. Personally it's NMS but what counts is if you and DH likes it.

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  • It's nms.
  • I like it and love its meaning!  Keep it on your list!
  • I knew a channing once but it was a girl
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    I wish I could like it (it is original, has a nice meaning, etc.) but I don't. ?It is too girly sounding for me. ?
  • It doesn't work for me but it is not my baby.

    It just seems odd. I think it is the "ing" ending... sounds like a verb, not a name.  Hey, want to go channing later?

  • No
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  • I find it strange that no one likes this name. I knew a Channing and I loved his name.  I guess I did mention it to DH for a possible name and he hated it, but I love it!

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    Um...why not? Channing Tatum is hot.
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  • I like it.  It's def more unique but not "weird".
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  • It's alright. Reminds me of China (the city Nanning and the name Chan), not that that's bad.
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  • This name hits me the way the name we picked for our DS first hit me - dont' love it, but I don't hate it, and I could see it growing on me.

    This is what happened when I saw DS's name on DH's list.  I sat on it for awhile and thought about it, and decided I liked it.

    Channing feels the same to me. 

    My advice- in the end, you need to realize that almost EVERY name out there, some one isn't going to like it for one reason or another.  There are some names that I DO think people need to think twice about and take into account people's reaction to it (because you ARE setting up your child w/ this name for the rest of their lives), but there are names that I feel like you need to take people's opinions w/ a grain of salt.

    This is one of those names!  While I can't say "I love it" - I also feel it's a name that will grow on people and it's a name that if yo uand your DH like it- that's what matters.

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  • image Brittany FreyBox:
    I knew a channing once but it was a girl


  • I know 2 babies named Channing.  They are girls.
  • Love it! Very cute name
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  • I really dont like it, I do like Chandler.  Similar feel, yet not common.  The kid wont be teased for it.
  • I agree. Kind of girly.
  • ibisibis member

    All I can think of is Carol Channing, but most people probably won't.


  • Hate it. Sorry, but it doesn't sound like a name.?
  • I know a Channing but its a girl
  • Really like this name. I'm avoiding common names, too, and if I didn't have a name for a boy already I'd consider this one. Use it if you both love it!! If you two are any thing like me and my DH, you wont find many names that you both like!
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