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Does your LO like to be called by pretend names?

Everyday DD has a different name she wants to be called by- always something from a book we've been reading. In the last week she's gone by Olivia, Peter Rabbit, Mittens, Benjamin Bunny, Old Searcher, and Pooh. She'll also refer to me by whatever name she's going by- like "Olivia's Mommy". Anyone else's child do this?

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Re: Does your LO like to be called by pretend names?

  • She loves it! Mostly it's animals or other children she knows. Today she is Baby Kayla. Yesterday she was mostly a rabbit or gorilla (complete with hopping and chest-beating). She absolutely shines when you address her by her requested name, it's adorable!

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  • OMGosh SO CUTE!!!  The only thing my DS has done so far is call himself Isaiah Jimmy.  His middle name is James.  He will NOT Call himself Isaiah James (and it is not bc he cant say it)!  If you ask him if his name is ISaiah James, he says "Isaiah JImmm-eeee" and gets all high pitched when he says Jimmy.  It is really cute
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