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Big Brother

All I have to say is, Jeff is hot, hot, HOOOOOOTTTT! 

I also voted for him to receive the Coup D'etat on  Is that sad that I voted?  lol.

Re: Big Brother

  • He is so hot! And sweet. I like him and Jordyn together. Do you?
  • He is hot! And he seems so sweet! I think him and Jordan would make an adorable couple (that is only because I am married, otherwise I would be keeping him to myself!) lol. 
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  • You are SO not sad for voting! ?I did, too and it's a good thing I ran across your post because I'm gonna try voting for him again today if I can. ?He a complete hottie especially with his glasses on. ?When I saw him in the diary room last night when them on I *DIED*. ?Way cute!
  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jordan & Jeff!  So cute!  I voted too. :)
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  • I like Jordan and Jeff too.  They seem really nice.  I like nice.

    I thought it was funny how Jordan's mom said, "They'd make pretty babies."  lol.

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