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2 week wait - anyone else??

Ahhhh...2 weeks has never felt longer!  :o)  We got a positive ovulation test on Sunday (the 26th) & did the baby dance for a couple of days, so we're very hopeful.  I got a couple of twinges of pain/cramping yesterday...maybe implantation???  Who knows...I'm trying to not think TOO much about it.  Anyone else playing the waiting game?  I'm very tempted to test a little early...knowing of course that a BFN doesn't necessarily mean we're not PG.  DH doesn't think I should test early because he doesn't want me to get discouraged if it's negative.  If anyone else has been through this...any advice?  How early did you test? 

Send sticky vibes!  :o)


Re: 2 week wait - anyone else??

  • I am still waiting for my positive ovulation test, and I am trying not obsess lol, I can't even imagine what it is going to like waiting for a BFP.. GOOD LUCK!

  • The 2ww is tough.  If you must test, use the dollar tree hpt, but you really won't get a bfp until as early as 9dpo, I didn't get one until 11dpo. good luck!
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